Exercising in the cold

Exercising in the cold:

Spring is not quite in the air, but it will be soon.  I know the cold weather can make us sluggish, so how do we keep moving until the warm weather can put a “spring” into our steps?  If you have a dog, you have to walk it, so let’s tweak that walk to make it work for you.  I took my dog, Poseidon, to the trails the other day.  We did not do a fast walk because of the slush and snow, but I took along a 5-pound kettle ball.  I chose it because of its’ handle, making it easy to carry.  I alternated arms to insure both get toned and the extra weight gives your legs and core muscles a stronger work out.   Poseidon could care less about my new addition to the walk, so we were both happy.  If you don’t have a dog, walk with two kettle balls!


I love to box.  Even though I have never been in a ring with someone and would probably get knocked out if I was.  However, putting on the gloves and punching a bag is a great stress release (too much stress releases cortisol which can lead to unwanted belly fat).  Boxing is also a great way to tone your arms as well as gain some all-around cardio.  You don’t need a bag or an expensive gym.  Walmart sells gloves for a cheap price and I turned a back-yard tree into a punching bag.  I used a thick piece of foam and beautiful silver duct tape.  It worked out perfectly, with the fresh air, and an awesome background, I got rid of stress from my day and felt so good when I was done.


My point is, the cold can try to work against us.  We are more fatigued, we stay inside and tend to eat a little more comfort food, and dread letting out the dog.  Embrace it, it is almost done and let yourself get ahead of the game. Add your head phones and some favorite music and you are on your way!