The “tea” about tea


Giving you the “tea” on what tea to drink on cold, winter days, and keeping it simple:

It is December, a month of good cheer, desserts of chocolate and peppermints, shopping, decorating and sipping on hot tea by the fire.  But what tea to drink?  Well, the title on the tea box gives you a clue, depending on what ails you, but I’ll give you the inside scoop.

  • GINGER TEA – this tea gets the digestive juices flowing! It relieves indigestion and can prevent motion sickness. (But stay away from if you have gallstones, ginger may stimulate the gall bladder and cause unnecessary pain).
  • THROAT SOOTHING TEA: the herb is this type of tea is usually slippery elm, which coats the throat. This also contains licorice and marshmallow. Licorice soothes the stomach and is an anti-inflammatory as well as an immune booster.  Marshmallow helps with pain relief.
  • ECHINACEA TEA: is used to help speed up getting rid of a cold. Be careful though, you should not take echinacea for more than 2 weeks because your body will build up a resistance and it will no longer have its healing power.
  • NIGHTY NIGHT TEA: this tea helps with insomnia, headaches and anxiety. Linden – helps the anxiety, it also contains cat-nip which is a sedative and hop strobili which is used for nervousness, insomnia and it dose cause drowsiness.
  • GAS TEA: tea that stops bloating pressure or the feeling of being too full. It contains caraway with helps with bloating and heartburn, coriander which helps regulate blood sugar, inflammation digestion. It also has chamomile to sooth the stomach and lemon balm to aid digestion.
  • WEIGHT LOSS TEA: This contains cranberry which is a diuretic.  If you are on blood thinners this is a tea to avoid. It as Uva Ursi that fights urinary tract infections and fennel fruit that helps with IBS. 
  • STRESS EASE TEA: Made from with skullcap. Skullcap is an herb that relieves tension, stress and promotes relaxation.  Gives you a similar feeling you would have after drinking a glass of wine.  It has been called the “herbal happy hour” without a hangover!

And if nothing ails you, warm up a cup of peppermint tea or something that makes you feel in the holiday spirit and relax and enjoy the moment.