Trying new things on vacation

I am the child of a military Father.  We traveled the world, and everywhere we went my Mom would tell us to “Try something new.”

Traveling with 6 six kids is an adventure in itself, but on a recent excursion I decided to implement this advice.   We were out of the country, enjoying the beach, snorkeling and building up an appetite.  The girls wanted to dress up, so we chose a local French restaurant down the street.

From our table we had a beautiful view and noticed two large toads on the patio.  When the menus arrived, we noticed frog legs were listed as an appetizer.  Here is where my Mom’s words came out of my mouth:” Who wants to try something new”?  Among the 5 blank stares, the youngest stepped up to the plate and volunteered.



We ordered our frog legs, letting everyone know that once the little one tasted them, we all had to.  They are a great protein, cooked with garlic and ghee (clarified butter).  When the frog legs arrived, we did notice one of the toads gone, a little suspicious, but definitely a coincidence. Maybe.



Reilly’s face shows her feelings on frog legs below.


Everyone tried a little bite, they were a slightly chewy, but not too bad.  My point in this shared story is to try something different when traveling.  It doesn’t have to be frog legs, but if something looks interesting, give it a try!  You never know what nutritional value you can find when someone says “try something new.”