Chia seeds are not just for your chia pet..

Yes, if you put the seeds on a piece of pottery a green fluffy plant will sprout!  My kids have a George Washington Chia pet…..really.

But Chia seeds are little wonderful miracles for our bodies!  They are loaded with vitamins A, B, E and D. They contain minerals like magnesium, manganese, niacin, thiamine and antioxidants, iodine and zinc.  But my favorite is the amount of fiber they have!  1 tsp or tbs a day keeps your body running smoothly.

They also have protein!  Chia seeds keep you hydrated. The extra water they soak serves as an electrolyte because of the absorbed nutrients.  Chia seeds also reduce cravings because of the slower digestion time they take.

Here are a few benefits of chia seeds to soak up:

*slows down digestion making you feel fuller longer

*helps reverse diabetes

*promotes healthy skin

*reduces inflammation

*huge fiber source

*boosts metabolism

*great energy booster

I throw a tablespoon of chia in my oatmeal in the morning or my Greek yogurt.  If you are just starting, use a teaspoon full first and then upgrade to a tablespoon in a week or two. Only once a day.  You can toss them in a smoothie!  See the recipe section for a chia smoothie.  Who doesn’t love this plant base source of protein?  In Mayan, Chia means “strength and endurance.”  So give it a shot!