Summer is the time to plant your herb garden! Did you
know there are 4 herbs and vegetables you should not
plant next to your Basil?
1. Cucumbers are one plant you should never grow

near basil. The fruits are 96% water, and this high-
water content poses several problems when basil

and cucumbers are planted close together. First, the
cucumber plant competes with the basil to drink up
available water in the soil. It produces thick vines
and a thirsty, sprawling root system. These qualities
make the cucumber plant a vigorous competitor for
resources. In consequence, your basil bushes will
suffer. Secondly, the high water content in
cucumbers makes them susceptible to taking on the
flavor of neighboring plants. Due to the nature of
basil as an aromatic herb, it influences the flavor of
cucumbers when grown in close proximity. To enjoy
the best-tasting cucumbers from the garden, you
should avoid introducing the flavor of basil.
2. Watermelon, cantaloupes, and squashes should not
be next to your basil. These big ramblers take up lots
of space and compete powerfully for available water
and nutrients in the soil. Additionally, larger cucurbit

plants can block the sunlight from smaller species,
leaving your basil unable to thrive.
3. Rosemary tastes great when on chicken with basil,
but they don’t complement each other with their
preferred growing conditions. Rosemary loves dry
soil, while basil likes moist soil, leaving it impossible
to make them happy together.
4. Fennel is an enemy of many garden plants, including
tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, beans,
cucumbers, and basil. It’s an allelopathic plant,
producing a chemical that spreads through the soil
to kill or stunt the growth of neighboring species. In a
showdown between basil and fennel, it’s the basil
that will lose every time.

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