Eat your cherries!


Tis the season to eat cherries -fa-la-la-la-la (it is 6 months to Christmas)

What are so amazing about these July cherries?  Everything!!!!!!

*They are a great snack for anyone with diabetes.  They are sweet but have a low glycemic index, even lower than grapes!

* Looking for heart health? Eat up!  It is said that the anthocyanins pigments in cherries (that gorgeous red color) help lower cholesterol!

*Can’t get a good night sleep? Try a bowl of cherries, studies have shown these tart/sweet cherries may help you drift off to sleep.

*Gout, such an ugly word.  Cherries help lower your risk of gout and help with joint pain.

*The strong anti-oxidants help fight free radicals and increase memory.

Be sure to wash them first and enjoy this sweet treat! It’s the cherry on top to health.