How to Vacation and Not Gain Weight

You have been planning a vacation for a long time! Packing your clothes, losing weight, booking hotels, all the excitement of traveling again!  But how do you maintain your weight on vacation and still have maximum fun?Eat like the “locals!” (Doesn’t mean eating an iguana).   Try eating a lighter breakfast: fruit bowels, yogurt and fruit bowels, smoothies with fresh fruit or avocado toast!  For lunch look at the menu, it doesn’t have to be fried foods to be amazing!  Try caprese salad, chicken kabobs, tuna poke bowel, sushi or a greek salad!

After lunch, go for a walk to see what is around you!  Most hotels have yoga or water aerobics, see what interest you while still staying in the vacation mode.  Have that wine or margarita!  You eat light for breakfast and lunch with a little workout in between – then enjoy what you want for dinner!  Most of all – relax!

Breakfast Inspiration

Some water aerobics in between

Lunch Inspiration

Enjoy a few drinks, relax, and have a fun dinner!

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